Robocobra Quartet
Robocobra Quartet

Robocobra Quartet – Correct

Check out the video for Correct, taken from Robocobra Quartet‘s Music For All Occasions

They’re going to SXSW this year, don’t you know. Swish.

Centred on a howling drummer-vocalist and offset by menacing saxophones, the oblique song structures, angular rhythms and direct lyrics built around snippets of quotes and would-be adages allow for only absurd comparisons to reveal anything about their style. You’d be forgiven, for instance, for thinking that they sound like Richard Dawson playing with Brian McMahan, or Steve Reich composing music for Fugazi. Tracks such as ‘Find X’ and the tongue-in-cheek ‘Our Very Own Version Of November Rain’ drive home a bass driven Dischord-era post-hardcore sound laced with avant-garde, jazz-infused woodwind and rhythm sections standing sentinel to drive the music into more experimental territory, as the instrumentation coalesces around drummer-vocalist Chris Ryan’s brooding, meditative lyrics.

You can buy your own copy of Music For All Occassions from your local record shop of choice, or via

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