KAJA - Silent Age

KAJA – Mind Deep

New Video: Mind Deep, from the just-released KAJA EP Silent Age

‘Silent Age’ picks up from where last years ‘Womb Echo’ left off, suffuse with a crafted mix of electronic textures and silent stories of curiosity, growth and experiment.

The first EP saw KAJA (AKA J. Cowhie) create a mixture of ambient and dub soundscapes to construct a world that may only be heard from the womb (at the time written for his unborn son).

‘Silent Age’ is a clearer more concise journey. KAJA draws from similar aesthetics of the first EP (field recordings, tape manipulations, dreamy synths and 808 beats) but adds dynamism and scale with deeper meditative atmospheres and a more upbeat overall energy.

You can order Silent Age now from the Rite label’s Bandcamp page.

More at https://kajasounds.net

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