Adrian Crowley – The Saddest Song

The first single taken from Adrian Crowley’s sixth studio album ‘I See Three Birds Flying’, finds the award winning Irishman in predictably beautiful form… When Adrian Crowley was awarded Ireland’s Choice Music Prize for 2009’s ‘Season of the Sparks’, it felt like a long overdue coronation for the self-effacing and greatly admired songwriter. Recognised for sometime as one of Ireland’s most evocative lyricists, Adrian’s gift lies, not only in his poetic flair with words, but in his unerring ability to set those lyrics against an irresistibly affecting musical backdrop, often recalling the spare, reflective potency of Lambchop or Leonard Cohen. With “The Saddest Song”, the first single taken from Adrian’s new album ‘I See Three Birds Flying’, that marriage of eloquent lyricism and musical poignancy has never been stronger as London-based string duo and experimental composers Geese weave plaintive sighs of violin and viola around Crowley’s pitch-perfect storytelling. As an introduction for anyone new to Adrian’s work, it’s a beguiling, understated exercise in songwriting sophistication: for those already in the know, it’s an affirmation of Adrian’s prodigious talent and a welcome declaration of intent for what is sure to follow on his forthcoming album. Lyrics: And I turned away from the darkened window To light the lantern on the night table And opened up the virgin pages And I tried to write The Saddest Song In The World And then I folded up The tear soaked pages Of careworn lines and forlorn phrases Of shameless abandon As if guided by the many hands of The Disenchanted! But I soon decided to let the pages fly To the hands of another And so I let them fly And I tried to write The Saddest Song In The World Adrian Crowley: vocal, electric guitar, Strings performed arranged and recorded by Geese (Vincent Sipprell & Emma Smith) Vince played viola & cello, Emma played violin. Kevin Murphy also played cello.

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