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Yeh Deadlies – Magazine 7″ Out 1st May

Yeh DeadliesYeh Deadlies release their band spanking new 7″ ‘Magazine‘ on 1st May.

Yeh Deadlies release their band spanking new 7″ ‘Magazine‘ on 1st May.

Yeh Deadlies are Annie (Chicks, The Radio, Rats Of The Shining Path, Tieranniesaur), Padraig (Strangleberries, (retards)), Jonny (Jonny Fun and the Hesitations), Andy (I Heart The Monster Hero, You Kiss By The Book) and Dave.

Yeh Deadlies ply a melodic indie-pop racket. Their music implies the impeccant charms of primitive Americana without playing chattel to it, and suggests a taste for the likes of The Replacements, Joe Meek and seminal lo-fi, DIY punks such as The Scrotum Poles and current pretenders like Cause Co-Motion. But wait! That’s not all! There’s also a ragged folk-pop bent in the band as evidenced here by the B-side, “Constitution Hill”.

The band’s first release ‘The Ghost Chipper EP’ (2008) was released on American imprint Goodnow Records.
In 2009 the band’s self released “Snow Joke EP” caught the ears of like-minded local musicians and consequently led to the establishment of the Popical Island collective. This year the track “Teenage Pricks” will be included on the first Popical Island compilation.

Yeh Deadlies have appeared on the Abominable Christmas EP (2008) alongside So Cow and Big Monster Love. This year the band is also featured on a Hefty Horse compilation (2010) and Connecticut label Tweefort Records‘ forthcoming compilation (2010).

Magazine by yeh deadlies

If you attend Ballroom #97 this coming Friday in The Lower Deck you can catch Yeh Deadlies playing live, along with Stoat, Large Mound & Captain A. Admission is €10 and doors open at 9pm.

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