Thread Pulls – You Melt Words

Thread Pulls release their new 12″ You Melt Words on October 22nd via CF Records. They’ll be joined by Japan’s Yximalloo and Withering Zithering for a launch gig in The Joinery on the 19th.

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You can preorder the very limited 12″ (only 100 white-label copies) direct from CF Records.

Thread Pulls new 12″ record, ‘You melt words 5/8 rhythm here’, will be released on 19 October 2012 on CF Records (Girls Names, Sea Pinks, Lucky Dragons, Patrick Kelleher). Recorded with legendary underground electronic music producer David Donohoe and made over a two week period in their basement city centre studio, it comprises two long-play tracks arranged specially for 12″ vinyl. It takes their sound even further into a rarified sparseness, with each paired-back sound pushed to extremes. Scattered polyrhythms and shifting time signatures move around the focus of the beat; deranged brass sounds burst from the depths of Gavin’s lungs. It was mastered by Stephen Quinn who recorded Thread Pulls 2010 album ‘New thoughts’. The 12″ vinyl ( with download) is a limited pressing of 100 with special packaging including unlabelled vinyl, stamped sleeve and two glossy photographic prints.

Yximalloo is a one-man mysterious phenomenon. He has maintained obscurity, even though he has been making and recording music since the 1970’s and his champions include artists as diverse as Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Momus, and members of Animal Collective. Ishimaru works like a Japanese Jandek without the angst, like the Boredoms minus the bombast. Spiritual kin to early artpunk, he revels in mock-ethnic music and nonsense. Lo-fi, sweet and primitive, he uses ancient drum machines, hand percussion, and electronic droplet noises, sometimes set to melodies gathered from some imaginary South Sea island where the traditional instrument is seemingly an old ’80s synth. Handclaps and chanting abound, but Yximalloo has also been painted as a Japanese Half Japanese — Jad Fair himself has collaborated with Ishimaru and draws the covers for every release here (gorgeous dayglo and glow-in-the-dark covers in iridescent plastic cases).

Withering Zithering is the slow-burning soundscape project of musician and instrument builder Ed Devane. Live, improvised, electroacoustic music made with a selection of custom built instruments and the eponymous zither. The “Shattered Sense of Calm” EP released on Edinburgh-based label Acre Recordings in early 2012 encapsulates the richly textured Withering Zithering sound, which oscillates between harmonious, lullaby strings to bristling full spectrum electronic feedback tones.

Thread Pulls

Withering Zithering
The Joinery
8pm, Saturday 19th October
Admission €8. BYOB.

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