Them Martyrs

Them Martyrs – French Extremity

Them MartyrsGalway progressive hardcore band Them Martyrs release a new 5 track EP next month entitled ‘French Extremity‘. Hear & download it for free right now.

Galway progressive hardcore band Them Martyrs release a new EP next month entitled ‘French Extremity‘ but you can listen & download it for free right now. The EP was recorded at Hegoa Studios in Pau, France back in April. Them Martyrs will be playing some Irish gigs in October, with a short Italian tour to follow in December. 

The band was born in April 2006 where we proceeded to write music to please ourselves and play anywhere on our beloved isle. After the release of our debut E.P. ‘Fuck Your Your Yankee Blue Jeans’ we went on the road taking in the UK playing with acts of high calibre such as Omerta and Year of The Man.

Since we returned from touring we have been honing our new material (that was played on the UK leg) with more shows in Ireland. We completed both French and Irish tours with the excellent French post-hardcore noise mongers Gary Suicidal Kids Commando last August. Since the tour the line-up has changed with Gav (ex-The Boy You Hit is Dead/ex-Summer Disease) adding an extra layer of guitar violence to the band’s sound along with creative input.

The band started off as a fast punk hardcore band but has become a more progressive, heavy sounding band stretching out the songs from the oldschool 30 seconds to the newer 4 minute epics. Think progressive – hardcore – metal ala Botch or Isis.

All 3 Them Martyrs releases including the new EP are available for free on Bandcamp right now

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