Survival Knife (ex Unwound) – new LP ahoy!

As we speak a horde of monkeys (aka Joss) have been sequestered in a sad and dingy corner of Thumped towers to come up with questions for a forthcoming interview with Justin Troper of Survival Knife, but in case you can’t wait to hear him SPEAK, let’s him hear SING instead. We can’t pretend we’re happy to send you away from here to another website on the modern internet, but sadly, you’ll have to follow the following link to hear a stream of the bands new LP ‘Loose Power’. This is the link bit, right here. You have to press the play button to get it to work. Took me ages to figure that out.

The LP comes out tomorrow on Glacial Pace records, and then you’ll be able to stream it all over the gaff. Regardless, it’s worth a listen now, on initial listen it’s not a million miles from Unwound (from which Survival Knife, after a remarkably lengthy gestation period, have sprung), a little more rocking and direct maybe. Suits these old ears just fine.

Survival Knife live at

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