Stress, Debt & Chest Pains 001 – C!ties, Deviant & Naive Ted

C!tiesRecently established non-label Stress, Debt & Chest Pains released a C!tiesDeviant & Naive Ted split 7″ last month.

Recently established non-label Stress, Debt & Chest Pains released a C!tiesDeviant & Naive Ted split 7″ last month. We missed it then, so it’s time to make amends.

Stress, Debt & Chest Pains is not a record label. It’s a more of a subtle way of getting good music to the people who want it. No mail order, paypals, websites, baskets. Nope. This is hand-to-hand trading. We’ll distribute a series of grandiose musical releases in small limited quantities and in various formats when we feel like it. We’re based in the west of Ireland. And that’s that.

Here is the first one:

SDCP001 – 7″ Achingly Beautiful Mad Limited Edition Vinyl Release. On one side: Deviant & Naive Ted – ‘No More Heroes’ 45rpmOn the other side: C!ties – ‘Satellites.rmx’ 45rpm


Behold, the imminent grand unveiling of the new Deviant/Naive Ted and C!ties split 7″ vinyl single. This curious piece of limited edition wax will feature individual artwork on each cover and will only be available at a series of live events over the next 2 months. You won’t find this record in shops, it’s not on a real label, because it’s just too beautiful for all that. It exists for the purpose of being heard/seen/appreciated by those who want the good stuff. We want to meet you in person so we can give you a knowing wink and a nod when you buy it. We want to draw on it. We want you to draw on it. So come to the shows. Watch the music being made live. Buy the record. Support Art.

And it’s quality of the highest order. Snapshots of two musical entities on the road to illumination. Deviant/Naive Ted’s ‘No More Heroes’ is a folk-soaked masterpiece of skratched-up fiddles and slide guitars while C!ties tear apart the monstrous ‘Satellites’ for some double-time post-rave remix wallop. Heavyweights, and you know it.

Mastered by the heroic Chiwawa Studios in Galway.

Deviant & Naive Ted create music from the manipulation of vinyl records. No programming, no Fx. Said Deviant to Ted, “Where is this going?” Said Ted to Deviant, “Fucked if I know.”

C!ties, a young instrumental trio from Ennis Co. Clare, are out to warp genres and alter perceptions. Incorporating a wide range of styles, from thumping electro to cranky riffage, all the way back to ambient interludes, they seek to redefine the conventions of instrumental music.


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