Sleep Thieves

Sleep Thieves – City Lights Single Launch

Sleep ThievesSleep Thieves‘ new single ‘City Lights’ is out for (free) download.

Sleep Thieves‘ new single ‘City Lights’ was released for free download on 18th September, and had its official launch on 19th September in The Underground with The Holy Roman Army and Nakatomi Towers.

Sleep Thieves
are Sorcha Brennan (ex Butterfly Explosion), Wayne Fahy and Derek Murphy. Formed in the summer of 2008 Sleep Thieves quickly began writing, recording and crafting songs. After a promising start to their existence they are looking to bridge the gap between quirky-indie and dancey-electro, according to Analogue Magazine Sleep Thieves “create music that in one moment trips lightly along in a swirling hush of gentle vocals, dainty keys and stomping electronic beats, while the next moment swells with driving electronic drums and growling, dirty synths.”

And the good news is it’s available as a free download – anyone can get it just by emailing the band at [email protected]

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