Sfumato – These Things Between

Sfumato, aka Daithí Ó hÉignigh, aka that bloke from Daemien Frost, Giraffe Running, The Null Set, aka the brains behind Alpha Relish promotions will release his debut LP ‘These Things Between’ on May 11th.

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All guitars, keyboards, drums, bass & percussion on the album were played by Daithí himself, with contributions from: Miriam Ingram (backing vocals), Rebecca Collins (guest vocals), Eoin Dillon (Kíla, uileann pipes), Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh (Danú, guest vocals), Mischa Langemeijer (saxophone), Esosa Ighodaro, Nono Madolo, Alice Burke & Christine Nalubega (The Discovery Gospel Choir, soul choir), Abigail Smith (viola) and Lioba Petrie (cello). 

In the unpredictable, often shallow world we live in, it takes courage to follow your heart, and even greater strength to follow what some philosophers describe as your “bliss.”

Irish musician and songwriter Daithí Ó hÉiġnigh, however, has done just that. After years of finding himself in situations which felt fundamentally wrong, he woke up one day to find his entire world had fallen apart. So he stopped everything, set about expressing his feelings and unwittingly laid the foundations for what would prove to be a happy and fulfilling life… or so the story goes.

The result of this creative about-face is the forthcoming debut, These Things Between… Recorded under the band title of Sfumato (a painting technique used by Leonardo Da Vinci, meaning the softening of sharp outlines by subtle, gradual blending of one tone into another), the album is a balm for the sick and indignant as it relates via a searingly honest song cycle a troubled journey from darkness to light.

A clear vision and a truthful voice (complete with simple, heartfelt words delivered in an egoless manner) have been uncovered. From desolation to euphoria, from imprisonment to escape, from being beaten up by dogmatism to engaging with ambiguity… and ultimately allowing back into his life the grey areas found between black and white.

1. Fly to me
2. Pound
3. Ostia
4. Let me leave you
5. The past
6. Song to myself
7. Gold and lace
8. You’re no company
9. These things between…
10. Mo ghrá
11. I was hoping you might…

Quite a departure from his previous bands…


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