Private Underground Residence – Snuff Box

Cork post-rockers Private Underground Residence have just released Snuff Box, a taster from their upcoming debut album Dynamics Of Idealism.

Private Underground Residence
are Paul McNamara, Kevin Blake and John Machale. Exploding onto the Cork scene in early 2007, they left bits and pieces of their music all over peoples suspecting and increasingly avalanched ear drums. PUR embrace everything from various genres, and regularly get compared to sounding like such groups as Battles, Fugazi, Slint, The Melvins and The Oxes. Refusing to put their music in a hole with pigeons the band instead allow all it to run all over the place picking up the strangled vibrations of genre upon genre as it moves along.

The single has a couple of remixes included, from Molotov Ape & The Person:

Private Underground Residence have a gig in The Pavilion in Cork on Saturday 31st March with the aforementioned Molotov Ape also playing.

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