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Popical IslandIndie pop collective Popical Island have a compilation CD on the way…

Indie pop collective Popical Island have a compilation CD on the way…

Look! It’s the new teaser trailer from Popical Island, Ireland’s newest, funnest pop collective. It’s all about the super-exciting announcement of the release of the Popical Island Compilation #1.

How could we give you just an oh-so-delicious morsel of the poptastical, flaked-out crunch and jangle of Ireland’s best pop bands! How could we tease you with only the briefest of joyful zaps to the heart like a pulse from a malfunctioning taser!

What can we say? We’re the cruelest of pop nerds. We want to tempt you in with the promise of more.

Thing is, the first time we heard some of these songs from bands like So Cow, Squarehead, No Monster Club, Tieranniesaur, Land Lovers, Yeh Deadlies, I [heart] the Monster Hero, Groom, Lie Ins and more, our bones tingled like fizzy sherbet and little colourful cartoon sparks zipped from the tops of our heads. So it’s painful now, we know: but we guarantee that joy will follow.

Could music this catchy and danceable really come from our little cloudy country?

Well, yes, it could. And it will. Enjoy the totally Popical taste.

[youtube url= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wJzklC-eRM&rel=0 ]

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