Owensie – The Old Breadline Christmas Charity Single

Owensie has released The Old Breadline, a Christmas single in aid of St. Gabriel’s School & Centre in Limerick. Have a listen, have a read about St. Gabriels, then buy it.

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Every cent raised goes to St. Gabriels who’ll put it to good use maintaining their hydrotherapy pool, a vital part of their support for children and young adults with multiple physical disabilities.

You can buy the single from  iTunesBandcamp & Amazon.

Fresh from the recent release of the acclaimed Citizens LP, Owensie has written and recorded a new Christmas single ‘The Old Breadline’, with all proceeds going to St Gabriel’s School and Centre in Limerick.

The single, released by Out On A Limb Records, is available digitally from today (Friday, December 7th) via iTunes, Bandcamp, and various online stores. The song was written and rehearsed over a week in November by Owensie and band, recorded by Dek Hynes and James Eager, who has recorded and mixed Owensie’s first two albums. The single cover was also designed by Dek Hynes with artwork generously donated by Darragh Nolan of Sacred Animals.

With the festive period looming Owensie decided that every cent from sales of the single should go to a worthy cause – with this in mind, it was decided to approach St Gabriel’s School and Centre in the label’s hometown of Limerick. St.Gabriel’s is committed to providing education and a range of essential health-related therapies to children and young adults living with multiple physical disabilities, sensory and/or developmental delay or more serious life-limiting conditions.

Proceeds from the online sale of ‘The Old Breadline’ will go towards the upkeep of St.Gabriel’s Hydrotherapy Pool. The hydrotherapy pool was specially designed and purpose built to treat children and adults with various disabilities, wheel chair users and people with reduced mobility. St.Gabriel’s hydrotherapy pool is totally self-funding and while it does generate a small amount of income from people who pay to use the facility, most of the money raised to run it comes from the public who support a range of fundraising activities and special events which are held throughout the year.

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