No Monster Club – Young Guts Champion

No Monster Club‘s ‘Young Guts Champion’ was released earlier this month on Australian label Masses//Masses.

[vimeo 18381870]

No Monster Club is the nom de tune of bedroom artist Bobby Aherne (previously of Dublin Duck Dispensary) and hails from Dublin, Ireland, however this tightly curated collection of sunny surf rock sounds more like something made in a Caribbean hut amidst plentiful joints and coconuts.

Young Guts Champion fuses tropical reggae-infused guitar jams, fuzzy surf rock (“A Morbid Fascination”), lazy garage-pop ballads (“Electric Picnic”), and infectious Sixties garage rock ‘n’ roll (“The Last Bottle In The World”, “Slow Learner”) helped brought to life by the two most recent recruits to the club Mark Chester and Paddy Hanna (Grand Pocket Orchestra).

Jangly guitars, energetic drumming, hand claps and Aherne’s raw vocals puts Young Guts Champion beside offerings from bands like The Unicorns, Harlem and Wavves for its terrifically effortless lo-fi pop.

No Monster Club – The Last Bottle In The World by MASSES

Track list:

1. Slow Learner
2. The Last Bottle In The World
3. Electric Picnic
4. Fighting Maps
5. Up Sticks
6. A Morbid Fascination

Young Guts Champion is the first digital EP release of independent label Masses//Masses based in Sydney, Australia.

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