No Monster Club – Foie Gras

No Monster Club will release their new LP Foie Gras on December 13th, but for now check out their trans-continental video for album closer Those Little Bastards

The LP will be streaming on (of course) any day now. In the meantime there are a couple of tracks available via the No Monster Club Bandcamp page, where you can also preorder one of the last three special extremely limited edition digital + tape + CD + tshirt + patch + button Christmas card bundles.

Initially the one man band of Dublin Duck Dispensary ‘s Bobby Aherne, the No Monster Club line-up has been bolstered by the addition of Mark Chester ( Ginnels ) on bass and Paddy Hanna ( Grand Pocket Orchestra ) on drums. Just home from a month long tour of the USA, ‘Foie Gras ‘ is their second LP as a trio, and the follow- up to 2012’s ‘ Dublin ’.

Most commonly referred to as ” The Ramones crossed with The Beach Boys “, these comparisons are only affirmed by ‘Foie Gras’, with lashings of symphonic and harmonic touches sitting alongside punky segues and song titles like ‘ I Wanna Be Brainwashed ‘.

Of the thirteen tracks here, ‘ La La Land ’ might be the most familiar to some listeners, having been featured on the final Popical Island compilation, released as a single by London’s Cool For Cats Records , and made into a singing-dog music video (“probably my favourite Irish music video in years” – Celina Murphy, Hotpress ) which even ended up on the screens of the B.F.I. Southbank .

Part bubblegum pop (‘ Happy Days ’), part psychedelic pop (‘ Rainbow, I’m Ready To Go ’), this is a record as in debt to ABBA , Animal Collective and The Tornados as it is to Guided By Voices or Pavement , evident from the showtune-esque pomp of ‘Fully Trained Cavemen ’, the theremin-laden shanty ‘ Damn The Weather ‘ and the sprawling art rock ballad ‘ Those Little Bastards ‘ (with some neat saxophone provided by Shane Murphy of Land Lovers ).

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