Michael Terren - Thru

Michael Terren – Thru

Fallow Media’s latest release is limited edition cassette Thru, from Australian electronic musician Michael Terren

Thru is available from Fallow Media now on C40 cassette tape with heavy card stock inlay. It’s limited to 50 copies, each individually dubbed and hand-numbered.

Thru is the energetic and unpredictable new tape from Australian musician, Michael Terren.
Thru is a three-part album exploring Terren’s interest in digital music processes. Thru is not, however, a dry experiment in digital methods – it seeks to probe the subtle auditory cues that emerge from creating and combining sounds ‘in the box’. The results are sharp, clear, and powerful.

At a time when the benefits of analogue tools are constantly extolled, Thru asks us to consider the role of software in music today – what avenues are still unexplored? What kind of communication is encouraged within this environment? Thru tests the limits of its origins in a way that feels both new and timely.

Michael Terren is an electronic musician from Perth. He is a PhD candidate at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, where he also teaches. Terren has been artist-in-residence at Listhús í Fjallabyggð in Iceland, Bogong Centre for Sound Culture in Victoria, and currently attends Mills College as a Schenberg Fellow.

Michael Terren - Thru