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Melodica Deathship – Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns

Melodica DeathshipMelodica Deathship celebrate Halloween with the release of their brand new double LP “Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns“.

Melodica Deathship celebrate Halloween and the release of their brand new double LP “Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns” with a fancy dress party / show with Legion Of Two & Niamh De Barra in Smithfields hottest new hangout, BLOCK T.

Melodica Deathship is the new project from Exile Eye, accompanied by Wicklow George (formerly of Deep Burial) ..atmospheric and moody instrumental beats.

The sound of Exile Eye’s Melodica Deathship project is a hybrid sound, but that’s not to say that what we are dealing with here is a lazy eclecticism or an unwillingness to commit to any definite sonic trajectory. All the musical tendencies and traditions that inform the Deathship are apparent at all times, so that the hard and crunchy drums of nineties reality rap rub shoulders with the low end ghosts of seventies dub, the horror film soundtrack chills the blood of Irish trad and contemporary postrock, and the midrange betrays the influence of drone, black metal and hardcore punk.

Live melodica seems to float above the sound serving the purpose of a mournful narrator, its funereal melodies highlighting a musical and historical link between Jamaica and Ireland that casts the latter as a kind of anti-tropical hell. Colouring the narrative further is Exile Eye’s most original collection of verses yet, referencing slave narratives, horror fiction and paganism, with rhyme patterns mimicking the cadence of heavy metal, the sea shanty, and the trad ballad.

Exile Eye’s background in hiphop has taught him about the geography of sounds. Just as E40’s sound has become inextricably linked to the Bay Area and Mobb Deep’s productions are rooted to the Queensbridge projects of New York, the Deathship sound has its genesis in the MC’s move to the Dublin suburb of Bayside and its proximity to Dublin Bay.

Disappointed with the lack of imagination in contemporary music, Exile Eye sniffed the salt in the air, listened to the seagulls bickering on the roof of his home studio The Locker, and was inspired to hone a sound that could not be realised anywhere else. Rejecting sample based music’s well worn pattern of utilising funk and soul, Exile opted instead for the heavy metal and punk records of his youth, as well as snatches of traditional Irish music, creating what he refers to as a ‘future primitive sound.’

Tapping into a seemingly bottomless well of ideas surrounding the darkness of the sea, the Deathship vision utilises Ireland’s colonial past, stirs in some tales of piracy, and the weird fiction of HP Lovecraft, and underpins the whole with an anarchistic worldview and a singular musical vision. Like a disenchanted teenager pummelled by the terrors of the Book of Revelation and deciding to root for the bad guy, the cult of the Deathship represents a fear that you embrace, a voluntary absorption into the maelstrom, a surrender to chaos and the spectres of a bloody past.

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Block T Fancy Dress / Melodica Deathship LP Launch Halloween Party
Melodica Deathship

Legion of Two
Niamh De Barra
Saturday 30th of October, 8pm
€10 entry/ Bring Your Own Booze!

Block T
1-6 Haymarket
Dublin 7

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