Legion House – Music Theatre Workshop, Captain Cat, Dick Spray & More

Some free Legion House CDs have started showing up in charity shops and other non-retail locations around Dublin featuring music, almost music and non-music from the likes of Gorgonizer, Daisies Of Light, Aurum 79 and Music Theatre Workshop


Whether it’s the work of several groups, several solo artists or just one prolific (and slightly warped) individual isn’t entirely clear, but the Legion House Soundcloud informs us of the likes of:

Daisies of Light: Cosmic country music project – motto ‘From the Outer Reaches of the Cosmos to the Heart of the Country’
Dick Spray: a true modern guitar hero, probing the funky nether-regions of the collective urban psyche
Blood Knowledge Ensemble: floating in the no-mans land between composition, electro-acoustics and magical ritual
Field Recordings from Kashpur: assorted documents from the largely unknown culture of Kashpur.

OK then.

You can hear more at https://soundcloud.com/legion-house including Blood Knowledge Ensemble‘s toe-tapping “‘Vacuum 13’ for vacuum cleaner, bicycle pump and two trombones (edit)“.

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