Land Lovers – Confidants

Land Lovers‘ new album Confidants will be released on September 30th via Popical Island, with a launch gig taking place in Crawdaddy that very night.

Squarehead & Last Days Of 1984 will also be playing the launch. Rumour has it there’ll be a stream of Confidants on & a new video premiered on Harmless Noise “soon”.

They are, therefore, dead to me.

Land Lovers are a band from Dublin in Ireland, who play in a melodic, wordy style that might not be actual pop music but is something of the sort.

Late in 2009, Land Lovers helped to form the Popical Island collective with fellow Dublin-based bands Groom and Yeh Deadlies, formalising a co-operative relationship that had built up over time.

Formed in 2008 as a the solo project of Pádraig Cooney, who self-released the album Romance Romance, the full line-up now includes Cooney, Ciarán Canavan, Brian Lynch, Cormac Hughes and Shane Murphy. A new album will be released in the autumn of 2011.

The band has released the Immovable Feet EP; contributed songs to the much-loved Popical Island #1 and Popical Island #2 compilations; played wherever the need is greatest, including appearances at Electric Picnic and Forbidden Fruit; and released a limited-edition 10-song Yuletide Miscellany. Cooney wrote and sang the Popical Island Showband’s Christmas single, The High Line, while other band members formed part of the 20-piece wall of sound.

03 As Low As Possible by LandLovers

Land Lovers (Confidants album launch)
Last Days Of 1984
Crawdaddy, 30th September
€10 with album, €5 without

Read more about the album & launch over on the forum.

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