Groom – This Golden Age

GroomGroom launch their new single ‘This Golden Age‘ on Wednesday 10th November.

Groom launch their new single ‘This Golden Age‘ on Wednesday 10th November upstairs in Shebeen Chic. It’s “…a different version than what’s on the album, but…not really that different“.

“This Golden Age” by Groom is the upbeat closer from Groom’s acclaimed album “Marriage”, which was released in August 2010 on Popical Island. With cheerful horns, lilting guitar lines, latinesque percussion and songwriter Michael Stevens’s usual kitchen-sink poetry to the fore, this pop song is a celebration of the timelessness of love in the face of modern life, its pressures and expectations.

This Golden Age will be available for download from on November 10. There will also be a Reasonably Shorts-produced video which will be premiered on Under Ether on RTE2 on Thursday 11th.

See Groom live / on the telly:

Wednesday November 10th in Shebeen Chic (upstairs), Dublin, 9.30 PM SINGLE LAUNCH (Facebook event)
Thursday November 11th on “Under Ether” music show, RTE2 (the video for the song will be aired for the first time)
Monday November 15th in Roisin Dubh, Galway (Popical Island night)
Wednesday November 24th in the Grand Social, Dublin, 6.30 pm
Thursday, December 2nd in Shebeen Chic, Dublin (¡Popicalia!), 8.30 PM

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