Groom Love Me Aimlessly EP release

Groom Release Love Me Aimlessly EP

Groom Love Me Aimlessly EP release
Groom release their new EP "Love Me Aimlessly" this Thursday, June 21st in The Boom Boom Room

Groom release their new EP "Love Me Aimlessly" this Thursday, June 21st in The Boom Boom Room

As I am exceedingly busy (and by "busy", I mean lazy) I’ll reproduce their press release in its entirety:

GROOM to launch a single/EP
What it says in the headline: Groom are launching a single.
In what’s been a busy year for Groom (doesn’t everyone say that?), they’ve gone and complicated things even more by recording some songs and releasing them.

In short: in late 2006, Groom released an album on Fairview House Records called "All This Happened, More Or Less". Some folks liked it and Groom played some gigs. It was all very nice. Their main wingman Nicky Coghlan remixed one of the songs, which is called Codebreakers. This was also nice.
So Groom decided to take one of the songs for the album called Love Me Aimlessly and put it on a CD with two other NEW songs, as well as the Codebreakers remix. You could call them "B" sides. Except a CD only has one side. This is all meandering a bit. Let’s nail it down. Here’s the track listing:

1. Love Me Aimlessly
2. Life’s A Hangover
3. The Dream
4. Codebreakers (Nicky’s Wailin’ Toms Remix)

There’s even a promotional video to go with it. This is rather amazing, really, Groom managing to get a single out and make a video for it. They’re not normally this coherent. The video can be watched here. Wil McDermott made it, while taking a "break" from playing bass in the band. It also will be on the CD. Modern technology, eh?

But credit where credit is due. Recorded and mixed by Nicky Coghlan, masterer of the universe himself Steve Fanagan then cast his mastering ears over this little record. Ruan van Vliet designed the sleeve, which looks like this. And Michael Stevens wrote the songs and danced, though you can’t actually hear the dancing. More’s the pity.

There will be a gig to celebrate all of this, the details of which you can read here, but in short: Groom will play, as will the legendary Thinguma*jigSaw and the sublime The Terribles. It will be on in the Boom Boom Room (above Conway’s, Parnell Street, Dublin). Doors are at 8.30 and it’s 7 euros in. And guess what? You get a free CD. Which is nice.

e-mail: info(at)groomtheband(dot)com

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