Ginnels – Crowns

Ginnels release their new double album epic Crowns via Popical Island on August 10th but you can have a listen to a 4 track sampler right now.

[iframe width=”400″ height=”100″ style=”position: relative; width: 400px; height: 100px;” src=”″ allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″ CROWNS (sampler) by Ginnels]

‘Crowns’, the new double album by Ginnels, will be released on 10th August in association with the Popical Island collective. The release will be marked by a launch gig in Little Green Street gallery in Dublin that night. ‘Crowns’ will be released on limited edition Double Cassette

Ginnels is a solo project by Grand Pocket Orchestra and No Monster Club guitarist/bassist Mark Chester, with live friends Paddy Hanna, Bobby Aherne, Roy Duffy and Ruan Van Vliet. Chester himself describes his gloriously excitable and gorgeous music as “like your favourite Byrds and Feelies records being drowned out by your dickhead neighbour’s stoned ‘noise jams’. Except actually good”.

After releasing two acclaimed releases in 2011, the self titled album ‘Ginnels’ and the mini album ‘Mountbatten Class’ (Long Lost Records), Ginnels decided with infinite wisdom to record a 20-song, hour-long, double mess of an album called ‘Crowns’. Influenced by such sprawling records as ’69 Love Songs’ ‘Sandinista’ and ‘Bee Thousand’, with inspiration also taken from a secret love of hip hop mixtapes, Chester hopes that “it will baffle as much as it charms”.

‘Crowns’, like both his previous releases, was recorded and mixed entirely in his living room, built up from layers of guitars, vocals, “shit keyboards and other assorted detritus”. The author of the album also instructs that “if you listen carefully, you can also hear my downstairs neighbour’s horrendous banjo playing (uncredited) leaking up through the floor at inopportune moments.”

Popical Island
Ginnels (LP Launch)
Little Green Street Gallery, Little Britain Street, Dublin 7
Friday August 10th
Admission is €10 which includes a copy of the album on double cassette and a pair of 3d glasses with which to enjoy its cover. This is a BYOB event.

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