Flying Buttresses – Orson Welles EP

Flying Buttresses will release their Orson Welles EP on Wingnut Records next week. Have a listen to the first track, God Laws.

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Unscene Music and Wingnut Records proudly present Flying Buttresses ‘Orson Welles’ EP, available on CD and digital October 8th.

The Flying Buttresses are rapper Sebi C and DJ/producer Deviant & Naive Ted. They’ve been working together in various incarnations for nearly a decade, in Galway with the 091/Rootdown nights, with turntable group Vince Mack Mahon and on the sprawling mess they call a live show. Aside from a few isolated tracks, this is their first attempt at recording something resembling a collection of songs.

The EP gets an official launch on Saturday 13th October in the Bierhaus in Galway. More info on the Facebook event page.

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