Flying Buttresses – Orson Welles EP

Flying Buttresses will release their Orson Welles EP on Wingnut Records next week. Have a listen to the first track, God Laws.

Unscene Music and Wingnut Records proudly present Flying Buttresses ‘Orson Welles’ EP, available on CD and digital October 8th.

The Flying Buttresses are rapper Sebi C and DJ/producer Deviant & Naive Ted. They’ve been working together in various incarnations for nearly a decade, in Galway with the 091/Rootdown nights, with turntable group Vince Mack Mahon and on the sprawling mess they call a live show. Aside from a few isolated tracks, this is their first attempt at recording something resembling a collection of songs.

The EP gets an official launch on Saturday 13th October in the Bierhaus in Galway. More info on the Facebook event page.