Drop-D.ie Presents Cork Rock City Vol.2

Drop-D.ie will release their second Cork Rock City compilation as a free download next Tuesday, but you can have a listen to a 7 track sampler now.

It’ll be available from 10am on Drop-d.ie’s brand new Bandcamp page and is a free download either in its entirety as a full album, or as individual tracks. There’ll also be some video, a Cork music and festivals guide, plus some interchangeable covers created by some Cork graphic design people.

It’s no secret by now that without question, Cork’s music scene is the healthiest it’s ever been. The Jazz Festival, Folk Festival, Avant Festival, Indiependence, Cork By Southwest, Rhythm Fest and their counterparts are each major events that attract gig-goers and revellers from all over the world and play host to legends, up-and-comers and superstars. Venues like Cyprus Avenue, The Pavilion, The Crane Lane, Fred Zeppelin’s, An Realt Dearg & The Roundy play host every night to Cork music of all genres, while in our practice spaces and garages, a savage, urgent new wave of young bands formulates their plan to make their mark like Rory and the Sultans and the Franks before them.

Meanwhile, we play host to the country’s greatest record shop in the seemingly-immortal PLUGD Records, the longest-running alternative club night in Ireland with Freakscene, and our instrument shops, like Crowley’s resound with local music history, while producers like Grammy Award nominee Ciaran O’Shea and electro sensation Toby Kaar call the Leeside town their home. There’s no other place, really, that Drop-d and blogs like Skirmish and The G-Man would rather have based themselves.

Cork Rock City Vol.2 endeavours to document and showcase definitively the unprecedented level of activity in Cork music, from established hands like Hope is Noise, and [r]evolution of a Sun, to feral new prospects like Slugbait, Fat Actress, Former Monarchs and Agitate the Gravel, from the chaotic “supergrind” of full-time chancers I’ll Eat Your Face to the lunatic fringe of drone, improv and electronica that fosters the brilliant likes of Narwhals, Ellll, and Takeshi and the Kid, and everything inbetween.

This city’s breadth and depth of native (and adoptive) musical talent will be explored and showcased like it deserves, and will prove, once again, that this town can easily beat anywhere else in the world, never mind Ireland, to the best tunes.

Here’s that sampler:

Drop-d: Cork Rock City Vol.2 (Preview) by Drop-D.ie


The official launch gig is in Crane Lane Theatre (that would be in Cork) on Friday November 4th. Former Monarchs, Slugbait and more will be playing, with Crane Lane DJs afterwards. Free admission.


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