Cubs – The Whispering Woods

Cubs, a psych folk project comprising members of Agitated Radio Pilot, United Bible Studies & Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon among others, have released The Whispering Woods on Rusted RailDeadslackstring.

Scroll down for a video for Cubs’ Blackberry Lane.

Rusted Rail and Deadslackstring are proud to announce the release of “The Whispering Woods” by Cubs – a recording project featuring members of Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, United Bible Studies, C Joynes, Plinth, Agitated Radio Pilot, Yawning Chasm and other travellers on the folky-margins.

Featuring eleven musicians and thirteen songs, the album was recorded in Ireland, England and Africa. Born out of improvisation, Cubs have delivered an album album of 21st century psych-folk stylings comprised of late night lysergic lullabies, occasionally electrocuted acoustica and cosmic composition, while also finding time to take in spectral strings, backwoods progressions and tripped-out trad. The album is housed in a beautiful hand-assembled sleeve.

The Whispering Woods is available now from and from independent retailers. Initial copies ordered from Rusted Rail will include a bonus 3″ disc of additional material called “The Cubs’ Tapes”.

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