Cat Dowling – The Well Runs Dry

Cat Dowling releases her new single The Well Runs Dry on Friday, but you can check out the stop motion video right now.

As the front woman and main songwriter with Alphastates, Cat Dowling gained many adminers for her energy on the live stage and for her hushed and raw deliveries. Comparisons to Liz Frazer from Cocteau Twins and Beth Gibbons from Portishead have followed Cat throughout her career, which has seen her develop into an exceptional songwriter and passionate performer. Her songs have featured in everything from major Irish and American dramas to independent European movies to computer games, all the while displaying a rare versatility and gift for melody.

She is currently putting the finishing touches to her first solo album. It’s a bare, stripped down affair of funeral pop revealing the depth of Cat’s songwriting ability whilst showcasing the textures and beautiful crackles in her voice.

The Well Runs Dry will be released on Friday June 22nd. Cat plays Knockanstockan & Castlepalooza festivals in July & August.

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