Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey – Relative Phase

New LP from composer Neil O’Connor gets a Cork launch at The Roundy on 19th July

Composer Neil O ‘Connor has been producing electronic music for the past 21 years under a number of guises (most notably Somadrone), where he has been compared to the likes of Brian Eno and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Relative Phase sees O’Connor develop a heightened sense of control and restraint in his work. Spatial data is all around us; it helps us shape a more functional world. To map a space, gives us better ordnance.

The album attempts to ‘map’ the worlds of new music, jazz and electro-acoustic music and features a survey of collaborations from his contemporaries such as Sean Mc Erlaine, Linda Buckley, Kate Ellis and John McEntire (Tortoise).

Recorded over the space of a year at his studio at the National Concert Hall, Relative Phase sees O’Connor develop orchestrated electronic soundscapes that borders neo-classical thinking, in a similar vein to Nils Frahm and other composers attempting to extend electronic music’s levels of emotion and personality

Plugd Records & Tombstome present:
Ordnance Survey
Mark Waldron-Hyden

Ava aka Sarah McCauley is a producer-composer based in Melbourne. Her debut EP Anaphora, forthcoming in 2019, is a project in expiration and mysticism delivered through digitally rendered instrumentation and fractured rhythms. 


Mark Waldron-Hyden: 
Mark Waldron-Hyden composes music combining field recordings, sampling, acoustic instruments, and tape manipulation. 


The Roundy
8:30pm, Friday 19th July
Admission: €10/8

Tickets are available from Plugd Records & uTicket.

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