Posters and Postering in Dublin

A quick guide to postering in Dublin. This article is from 2003, so some of the places probably don’t exist anymore & the prices are almost certainly out of date…

From the ThingsYou’reMissing archives.

Postering in Dublin
This article is a combination of two separate pieces which originally appeared on the ThingsYou’reMissing website in 2003.

First, some postering etiquette:

  • Always ask before you stick something up – some places take the posters over the counter and stick em up themselves, so they’ll be peeved if you go sticking em up willy-nilly
  • Don’t stick posters over someone else’s, unless they event they advertise is in the past, or they’ve gone mad postering and are taking up more than their fair share of space (or, arguably, if they’ve stuck up posters over yours)

And now here’s some places that allow you to put up posters for gigs etc.

  • Busyfeet and Coco Cafe, Sth William St
  • Road Records, Fade St.
  • Big Brother Records, Fade St. (below Road) Selectah Records, Crow St (beside Temple Bar Music Centre)
  • City Discs, Crow St (beside Temple Bar Music Centre)
  • Freebird Records, beside O’Connell bridge Tower Records, Wicklow St.
  • Secret Book and Record Store, Wicklow St.
  • Probe cafe in George’s St arcade
  • that other cafe in George’s St arcade
  • Music Maker, Wicklow St.
  • outside Cornucopia, Wicklow St.
  • Record Collector, Wicklow St
  • Final Vinyl, Camden St.
  • Smile records, George’s St.
  • Soundcellar, Nassau St.
  • Alliance Francaise, Kildare St.
  • the Internet cafe beside Whelan’s, Wexford St.
  • the Internet cafe above Burger King on Grafton St.

also some tourist hostels:

  • Four Courts Hostel, on the quays opp the 4 courts
  • Brewery Hostel, Thomas St
  • Barnacles, Temple Bar
  • Isaac’s, nr The Isaac Butt
  • Brown’s, Gardiner St.
  • Backpackers Ireland Euro Hostel, Gardiner St
  • Backpackers Ireland Citi Hostel, Gardiner St
  • Mount Eccles Court, Nth Gt George’s
  • St Avalon House, Aungier St

‘Proper’ posters
Posters on building site hoardings and the like around Dublin are looked after by IPA (Irish Poster Advertising). There’s no real agreement on whether paying for this sort of thing does you any good – it certainly gets your name ‘out there’ more prominently than photocopied posters in record shops, but whether it actually gets more people to your gigs is impossible to tell … also you don’t get any say where your posters go, so sometimes (especially if you’re unknown) they’ll end up out in the Coombe or someplace where only commuters will see them.

Here’s some costing information – it is a bit old, but it’ll give you some idea of what’s what:

Irish Poster Advertising Ltd.
30 inches x 40 inches (half size poster) €3.80 per poster per week ex.VAT (So twenty would cost €91.96 incl VAT)

Full size is €7.60

They need paper for outdoor posting and is glue-backed and wet-rolled.

They suggest Screenlink for the printing of posters Their number is 01-8364911

They do a minimum of 50 posters per run. Have a link-up with IPA.
50 x 1 colour (on white) for €130.

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