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Was a strong support mind and I believe it was quite a good night, I couldn't make it.
the Oppressed missed their flight apparently,got told this at the door as we were paying in(€6's in -the Oppressed which is fair enough).Got in about 8.30 stayed till 10.30ish,after the Jollars had made several atyempts to play,eventually got going with no vocals working.Stayed for a couple of tunes from them and we decided to leg it,no Oppressed & sound system a shambles,hope everything worked out in the finish.Decent crowd in as well.


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The sound engineer didnt show up at all. So I had to send down my guy from Thomas House at 9.30. One of the amps had blown and took a while to get up and running. It happened in the end though.


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Well here's how it went down. I got a phone call from Roddy Moreno at 5 to 7 saying they'd missed their flight because the car they had rented to get them to Bristol Airport had broken down. I got over that pretty quickly, just said we'd drive on and reduce the price but after asking the venue for a few hours where the sound man was it finally emerged that he had been in some sort of an accident and wouldn't be showing. I dragged a sound man that I knew in who made a valiant effort to get things rolling but because it was a digital desk he didn't know how to work it properly.
Shane came down then from TH pretty late but got the ball rolling for the last 3 bands... Make sure to thank him from me again Gar.

So, sincere apologies to all that were disappointed by the gig but Murphy's Law really came true and had it's way with me... but if it's any consolation - your night couldn't have been as bad as mine haha


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I still had lots of fun. Fair play to everyone who helped and pulled out all the stops.

My only gripe was with the bar.. long queues all night and pretty slow staff.


Was an amazing night in fairness. For all that stuff to go wrong and people still had a great time.
Fair play to Wah!

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