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VOLTA launches the Third Edition of STREAMS – The European Online Film Festival

VOLTA Ireland’s leading independent Video On Demand platform launches the third edition of STREAMS – The European Online Film Festival, which will take place from December 1 2014 to December 31st 2014, simultaneously on eight Video on Demand platforms, based in eight different European countries: UniversCiné (France), Flimmit (Austria), Volta (Ireland), (Switzerland), Filmin (Spain), UniversCiné.be (Belgium), Netcinema (Bulgaria) and Good!Movies (Germany).

This unique, festive, annual event will feature 15 recent European feature films (two per participating country and one from Germany) that haven’t been distributed yet outside of their national countries, in order to make new European high-quality films available to various European audiences, and promote new channels for the distribution of European audiovisual works on a transnational level.

We are particularly delighted to launch the third edition of this European Online Film Festival with Donal Foreman’s OUT OF HERE which will launch digitally on demand today on Volta as well as in seven other European territories.

 The Foreigner, Niki Iliev, Comedy, 2012, Bulgaria

 City of Dreams, Svetoslav Draganov, Documentary, 2011, Bulgaria

 Tristesse Club, Vincent Mariette, Comedy, 2014, France

 Ceuta, douce prison, Jonathan Millet & Loïc H. Rechi, Documentary, 2012, France

 Oro Verde, Mohamed Soudani, 2014, Comedy, Switzerland

 Ueli Maurers Pommes Frites Automat, Stephan Hille, Documentary 2014, Switzerland

 Family Tour, Liliana Torres, Comedy/Drama, 2013, Spain

 Stockholm, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Drama/Romance, 2013, Spain

 Talea, Katharina Mückstein, Drama, 2013, Austria

 Everyday Rebellion, The Riahi Brothers, Documentary, 2013, Austria

 The Sound of Belgium, Jozef Devillé, Documentary, 2013, Belgium

 The Uprising, Peter Snowdon, Documentary, 2013, Belgium

 My German Friend, Jeanine Meerapfel, Drama, 2012, Germany

 King of the Travellers, Mark O'Connor, Drama, 2012, Ireland

 Out of Here, Donal Foreman, Drama, 2013, Ireland

Each film will be available to rent individually from €2.99. Volta has also put together some bundle offers including ‘The Documentary Bundle for €9.99 and a ‘Season Pass’ for €39.99.

STREAMS - The Online European Film festival

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