Shite BBC Glastonbury Coverage (1 Viewer)

chris d

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Mar 15, 2009
Dublin 11
This is starting tomorrow and Billie Eilish is headlining the friday night? Excellent.

Hard to expect great things from an 80 year old Macca, but I'm game.

Can someone stamp on the bbc presenters for me though.
Billie set is great. Course some bbc merk talked absolute fucking shite before it.
Oh fuck up Foals.

See some 12 year old kid about to give it pure socks before the drop on Happier Than Ever? That's the stuff.
here's the full line up for Glastonbury. put it this way - even once you scroll down to the 6th stage yer not even a tenth the way down the list - there's even a juggling stage.
the aforementioned 6th stage, as I will call it, had the Damned headling above The Sugababes.

many of the people playing on the main six or so stages are old farts and I am surprised how many of the artists I knew. apart from the Damned, only a few African artists on those stages might get my attention.
there are dozens of stages. I don't get it why is the event so overblown?
but in fairness it is just not my thing.
Bobby G’s Screamadelica suit is sick

Jesus are they still peddling that Rolling Stones vs a drum machine stuff?

If it ain't broke.... Plus their touring Screamadelica being twenty last year.
I'm quite enjoying the radio coverage from the BBC.

Never been to Glasto. I've been told to go to it, never work at it.

Many years ago, I was out of town on a job with a Bulgarian dude. The office rang and said "we need you to drop seanc off at Heathrow, pick up a guy and drive him to Glastonbury and then work with him. His flying in from Moscow, apparently it's an emergency".

I was not happy about being dropped at Heathrow. Bulgarian was like "What is this Glastonbury? It is important place?"

Uh yeah, It's one of the biggest cultural things in the world. Bulgarian guy didn't get that. It was that year where the traffic was particularly bad for some reason.

So went to Heathrow. I could've fucked off at that point but I thought my Bulgarian friend needed a bit of help with the situation. So I hung around until we found this superhero technician that had been flown in from Moscow. He was from Bristol. And he said, without any irony at all, looking us dead in the eyes, "I have to get to the Pyramid Stage by midnight, or else there's no show". I lol'd and got on the tube to Cockfosters. Good luck.

My Bulgarian friend and his geek James Bond technician arrived at about 2am, worked all night. The show happened. And that's all that matters.

Although, my colleague did get to stand on the Pyramid Stage, overlooking everything. And when he came back, he said he was thrilled. He went from not even knowing anything about Glastonbury, to standing there as dawn rose, doing a "wow, fucking hell".
McCartney set felt a bit karaoke at the beginning, but great now. Chucking in I Just Seen A Face was nice.

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