Roland TD9K (electronic drumkit) For Sale (1 Viewer)


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Feb 25, 2007

I'm selling my Roland TD9K - its in great condition and I'm selling as I'm moving to a smaller place and don't want it to rot in my parents' attic.

The kit is in perfect condition (bar one cymbal which can be a little finicky now and again but perfect 90% of the time). The toms and snare are all mesh heads of the highest quality.

The accompanying unit has over 50 kit sounds built in, all programmable and adjustable. It also has a USB interface so you can plug in a memory key with songs to play along to. Its a good place for beginners too as it has built in metronome and beat tracking to practice your timing.

The kit is identical to the picture below except for the fact that its a single kick floor tom.


I bought it for €1200 about 18 months ago so looking for €1000 ono. Selling from the city centre (easy location to pick up from) and can post pictures if required. Reply to thread or PM if you're interested.


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