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STILL LIVES: Honouring the Dead
Ireland's first rogue taxidermy collective exhibition
17 Feb – 11 Mar 2017
Opening: 16 February @ 6PM
GalleryX – 65 South William Street Dublin 2 (first floor)
GalleryX is excited to present the first collective exhibition of rogue taxidermy art to be shown in Ireland.

Rogue taxidermy is a term first used in 2004 to describe a fine art movement that creates mixed media sculptures using the traditional materials of taxidermy or referencing taxidermy and the preservation of bodies.

This exhibition will bring three of Europe's most accomplished rogue taxidermists under one roof for the first time, together with the work of two photographers whose practice is centred around the portraiture of and our relationship with dead animals.

As an art form, rogue taxidermy has a strong ethical element, of celebration of the lives of animals. By only using found animal carcasses, animals who died of natural causes, or parts salvaged from the meat industry, this work celebrates life even as it focuses our attention on death.

Still Lives honours the unsung existence of creatures that typically live and die without anyone giving them a second thought. Through taxidermy and the use of animal bones and parts and/or photography, these departed creatures are given a second life of a sort, forcing the viewer to confront their own views on mortality, the nature of beauty, the fundamental similarities of all living beings, and the relevance of animal rights to the way we live today.

The exhibition features work by:

Iris Schieferstein (GER)
A celebrated rogue taxidermist whose creations have been worn on stage by Lady Gaga and collected by many other artists.

Arlene McPadden (IRL)
Sligo artist whose brand of creative taxidermy has been admired in solo shows around the country since 2013.

Charlie Tuesday Gates Artist person (UK)
London-based taxidermist, assemblage artist, performer, and all-round provocateur whose work has been commissioned and collected by celebrities such as Beyonce, Elton John and others.

Gwen Wilkinson (IRL)
Carlow photographer whose portraits of taxidermied animals using 1800s techniques creates an eerie throwback to a Victorian aesthetic.

Elena Helfrecht (GER)
Hailing from the bleak realms of rural Bavaria, this self-taught photographer uses found animals in a nearly ritualistic fashion to create dark, eerie scenes.


GalleryX was founded in 2014 by Giovanni Giusti, a Dubliner originally from Florence, to fill a gap in the Dublin art scene. Its mission is to showcase and promote art which is skilfully made, accessible to a wide audience, and at the same time capable of creating a strong bond with our deepest emotions. With its black walls and somewhat hard to find location in the heart of the Dublin Cultural Quarter – at 65 South William Street – it has since gained a cult following both among artists and the most sophisticated art lovers in Ireland and beyond. Among its latest exhibitions are Still Lives, a forthcoming international show of rogue taxidermy, El Corazón y la Muerte, an exhibition of works by young Mexican dark surrealists, and The Cabinet of the Solar Plexus, the most important show of esoteric surrealists, from the nineteenth century to the contemporary art world, ever to be presented in Ireland.
More information can be found on GalleryX and on Facebook

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