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Sep 9, 2014
not as exciting to win the league this way - way too easy.
but I really enjoyed watching the celebrations coverage over last day
and i've watched nearly every LFC game this season.

forgot about this thread actually.

I'm too old to go nuts about football unless they beat Barca (or preferably Real) 4-0.

really like Klopp and the signings have overwhelmingly been awesome.

fave players this year were Trent, Virgil and Henderson.

although the squad has more depth than was thought a year or two back
two or three good signings are needed as the team have been remarkably lucky
with injuries the last few years.
e.g. decent back up keeper, cover for front three (esp. Salah) isn't what it should be.
Klopp has played down the new signings and is happy with squad,,still hope we get Sancho but Keita has been showing tantalising glimpses of a being a real top class player..hope he stays fit.

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