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At choir practice the other week we started a new song that began with a long solo part. One quiet woman sang it A MAZ ING LY. Big heartfelt round of applause from everybody.
Good stuff

What was the song?

speaking of which, my wife is off gallivanting at a choir competition festival again this year. austria this time.

Is she going to Iseoma in Estonia July 2025?
Basically the world cup of this sort of thing.
kneecap on the late late show. after the BADGE CONTROVERSY last week i was surprised they got away with it (and the jacket colours) but Kielty's expression at 1:52 when he notices the shirt...

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handled it ok in fairness
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Played a few songs at the local open mic over the weekend,

It's moved from the GAA bar to a room above one of the pubs in the village that I never knew existed. It seems the place was a nightclub that lasted about 2 weeks before shutting as they didn't bother getting the licence sorted out.

Weird decor, "gold" nude statues of the wall. Reminiscent of the Celtic Tiger cocaine years.
Donkey's also use listerine as well. I find that very hard to believe.


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