Little Gem Band/School Tour/Luyos MC at Jigsaw Tomorrow! 21/6 (1 Viewer)


Oct 23, 2008
Haven't been on Thumped in years, goad its still going. Here's some details about a gig tomorrow:

Little Gem Band + Very Special Guests Live at Jigsaw

Cosmic explorers Little Gem Band return to Dublin for a weekend of sound & music.
The band attempt to bend time by launching their new tape which was recorded at Jigsaw last summer.

Healing vibes of inclusive good natures will allow for a new set, as well as a collaborative set with special guests Luyos MC & School Tour.

New album 'Friday 13' available on cassette & little gem player June 2019 -> Friyay 13, by Little Gem Band

Special guests:

Luyos MC (MaryCarl Guiao) is a daughter of Maharlikan lands, birthed from a lineage of dedicated carpenters, land-tenders, kitchen goddesses, Sinawali purveyors, public-spirited politicians and so many more guides that she holds in her heart. For years, she engaged in bottom-up community care-work (including hosting Migrant Matters Radio for community radio and offering economically accessible yoga classes, prioritizing non-status people, migrant workers, and low-income racialized and Indigneous people). MaryCarl continues to communicate an appreciation for culture where building respectful, non-judgmental, present, consensual, mutually empathetic relationships with all life prevails amidst the pervasiveness of interlocking, colonial, imperialistic, capitalistic systems and dynamics such as racism, classism, and patriarchy. She has found place in tapping into her soft power to weave truth into her interarts practice, with emphasis on story-witnessing through cross-genre music creating and precolonial cultural regeneration (specially with Obo Manobo and Maguindanaon
kulintang arts).

School Tour is a neo mythical expanding contraction of dark wave pumping joy.
Led by Gerard Duffy's ever changing mood, School tour performances have been exciting & enthralling audiences for the most part of the last ten years.

Friday June 21 2019
Doors 8pm
Jigsaw, Dublin 1

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