Jungle Boogie! // CORK // September 24th - Cyprus Avenue =) (1 Viewer)


Jan 21, 2009
After an absolute whopper of a night in Dublin in August, Jungle Boogie! will be hittin Cork the 24th Spetember at Cyprus Avenue

It's a night of Vinyl only turntable bashin Jungle, UK Hardcore and Old School Badness brought to you by hardcore Junglists from the 4 ends of the land.

The Jungle Boogie!Train will be stopping off in Belfast, Galway and Limerick in the following weeks >

Don your cammo, smiley faces ,combats and whatever the fuck else you want and prepare to sweat profusely =)

Junglsit Massive assemble!!!!


Don Rosco


JONEZY (Rise Up / DubCulture)

Jonezy is a Cork bass addict who's been hustlin' bout the Dubstep an Jungle scene for a few moons at this stage - - A fiercely loyal vinyl junkie, Jonezy's been rollin with the DubCulture crew stirring up the sub at pretty much every Cork nite spot as well as festivals the land over. Noted for outrageous spends on classic Jungle 12 inchers, you will hear choons that are rarer than your granny's teeth with this cat and since his new Rise Up start premiered down south last year, he's had an even bigger platform to dispense his medicine. Look out.


DON ROSCO (Bassbin//Wobble/Reach/!Power FM)

Don Rosco has been spinning wax non-stop on the Irish electronic scene longer than most can remember, with an early role as resident at the now lwgendary Bassbon Jungle and DnB nights.
With a record collection spanning 20 years that rivals the most hardened vinyl junkie's stash, Rosco has mashed dancefloors all over the country, covering a dvierse range of styles and genres along the way. With a firm footing from the very beginning in the Bass oriented soundscape, Rosco has been pushing new noises from the mid 90s, firstly Jungle and DnB, then Garage and Dubstep and more recently the Uk Funky tip. He has played alongisde pretty much every big name in the game, and has shown many of them up along the way. Rosco has also hosted several radio shows since 1994, with a current slot on Dublin's Power FM, where he can be caught alongisde long time partner in crime Stacks every Wednesday from 9pm- midnight at www.powerfm.org/


TEDDY ( Macronite Limerick)

Teddy is a dnb/jungle dj and promoter from Limerick city. He has been djing since 2008 and started out learning to mix when he was in first year in college.He quickly got the hang of it winning the Inter-Varsities DJ society competition held between the four colleges in Limerick within 3 months of learning how to mix...
He started out mixing techno but quickly switched to dnb after an inspiring weekend of tunes at Irelands Life-Festival, that year held in Gort.
In 2009 he started promoting dnb gigs in Limerick city with Fried Promotions and has since played alongside the likes of Calibre, Marcus Intallex, Alix Perez, Zero-tolerance and Spectrasoul to name but a few...
Teddy has played in many venues, parties and festivals throughout the country such as the notorious Night after Xmas, Life Festival and is also a resident of Limerick born BUMP! Muzik Festival....
He has been known to play sets of anything from the Deeper minimal stripped back sound of dnb to the more funky expressive breaks and atmospheric jungle side of things....
Teddy is a member of the newly formed Limerick collective Macronite and does the dnb/jungle promotions and is also the dnb/jungle resident since they formed back in January 2011...
After just starting to produce tracks recently and at the young age of only 22 a long future in jungle remains ahead of him....

Check out www.soundcloud.com/aherneeoin to hear his sound..


WELFARE (DubCulture/!Kaboogie/Jungle Boogie!)

Welfare is a Dubstep and Jungle Producer/DJ currently based in Galway city, who's has been focused on Jungle and Dubstep for the past 5 odd years -
He's gigged all over Ireland,the UK,the U.S and in Canada bringin heavy sub flavours only from the 140-200bpm range, mostly if not always on 12 inch wax /
He has graced the decks alongside most of the Dubstep “royalty” and also such legendary junglists as Equinox,Doc Scott and DJ Hype, not to mention the legendary Orbital recently.

He started producing about 18 months ago and recently had his first release on !Kaboogie Records and upcoming releases in what he likes to call the “Dungle” sound, that is lower tempo Amen rollahs His productions as well as a wide range of live mixes can be found at
www.soundcloud.com/welfare and www.mixcloud.com/welfare
Welfare is also part of the production duo SubVersus,along with fellow bass music producer
Shatterfreak www.soundcloud.com/subversus
He also hosted a weekly radio show on Raidio na Life in Dublin from 2008-2010 called the Welfare Clinic.having over 40 guests from the Dubstep,Jungle,IDM and hardcore scenes - an archive of these shows is also available online.
He was also a founding member in 2006 of Electronic Resistance,a sound system collective of
anarchist and leftist DJs,producers and gig organisers.


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Jan 21, 2009
This Saturdays Jungle Boogie in Cork will be making a contribution to Rascal Radio who had their studio raided and robbed by the Gardai and scum ComReg last week.
A lot of equipment was unjustifiably taken,months of hard work to bring music to the poeple lost and this cannot be tolerated. Jungle Boogie! stands against censorship and is in solidarity with the Rascal crew and hopes that we raise much needed cash to get em back on the airwaves




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Jan 21, 2009
Many thanks to all who came out to Jungle Boogie! in Cork on Saturday - Great sets by all and an all round bonkers time!!!
twas whopper

BIG TINGS A-GWAN! for the next Jungle Boogie!

October 29th Dolans Warehouse Limerick

It will be in Limerick hosted by the hottest posse in Ireland at the mo, Macronite Limerick, with LOEFAH in the main room and Micronite woppin out the techno on the terrace!



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