Hey Radiohead..Go Fuck Yourself!! (1 Viewer)

Hector Grey

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Dec 31, 2000
I chose the Brian Eno clip because he delivers a very eloquent and persuasive case. I doubt you even bothered to watch the clip or perhaps you have no argument against any of the points Eno has made.

Supporting Israel is a betrayal of all human rights worldwide. Its a revolting endorsement of apartheid and a kick in the teeth to all those all those movements that seek international solidarity when confronted with decades of violent racism, oppression and continued erasure.

Can you imagine what it must be like to live in Gaza!?

Here is a place where a kid as young as eight..(if they are lucky to reach that age)has had to endure three horrific Israeli bombing campaigns. Imagine what it must be like to reside in never ending exile in refugee camps some of which are only a few kilometres from home and yet be prevented from returning.

But that shouldn't bother a keyboard warrior like yourself banging out trite uncool expressions in the hope of getting a few likes .
Ah, keyboard warrior. Nice one. I like the irony there. You've obviously used some kind of wheat and soy concoction to carry out your harangue. A wheyboard, perhaps.

Listen, I like being on the high horse as much as anyone. But I wouldn't have voted for Hamas if I lived in Gaza, seeing as you're asking me to put myself in that situation. But hey. One man's meat is another's poison or whatever. Sorry for mentioning meat. Or men.

Radiohead have never shied from politics in their lives. They're not going to Israel cos they're the England cricket team and just want to get on the crease in Jo'burg. They know what they're doing. It is, in itself, a political statement. I'm no fan of the state of Israel, they seem like jerks. So do Hamas, so does Saudi Arabia, America looks like some dystopian hellhole from the future, I have friends on The Mainland freaking out over Brexit, there's migrant camps in France, who am I supposed to support in Syria? Can gay people go watch the world cup in Russia or will they be beaten to death? Will there ever be some kind of rent control in Ireland so I know what school my kids will be going to next year, and so fucking on.

I'm blaming Iron Maiden for global warming cos they have a plane. Who's with me?

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