Friday 90s twee indie thread. (1 Viewer)

nuke terrorist

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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
DOLLY MIXTURE (Godmothers of twee)
with a lot of 1980's indie, as the decade went along things became codified
into genres but at this point everything was up for grabs - no rules yet.

i mean, look at all the totally different styles that qualify as post punk...

having said that i used to like some very wimpy music in the early 90's.
might not be exactly what you are looking for but here's some twee folks
getting a bit noisy. video doesn't begin until 80 seconds in.
UNREST - Cath Carroll
song is about Factory records artist / journalist. Santiago her then husband
mentioned in the song is former BIG BLACK guitarist Santiago Durango.

BOYRACER (heaviest band on Sarah records ?!!)

JAD FAIR - Short Songs 7" (1993)
12 songs in less than 6 minutes.

got into hardcore and grindcore straight after this -
those folks do 12 songs in 6 minutes all the time.

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