Fall tribute night 3 June 2010 (1 Viewer)

Mar 31, 2009
Following the success of last year’s tribute, Solo Ensemble present Rebellious Jukebox YEAH! No. 2, a celebration of The Fall featuring live music, spoken word/poetry, video and improvised dance performances, followed by DJs from Richer Than Astronauts and Lazybird playing Fall and Fall-related material.

Bands confirmed so far are: Burr Oak, Gavin Duffy (Thread Pulls), Gluefoot, Logikparty, Perfect Prescription and Richer Than Astronauts.

Date: Thursday 3 June 2010.
Venue: The Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin.
Time: doors 8 pm, starts 8.30 pm sharp, main show ends approx. 10.45 pm followed by DJs.
Admission: 5 euros.

Some thumped comments on the 2009 tribute:

‘this was brilliant fun’

‘Medals of sheer awesomeness to everyone involved in this caper - some great covers, dancing and speeches and the unforgettable mask of Portrid.’

‘Fkin' great fun. Bands were superb’
Mar 31, 2009
Just added another band to the line-up: Dubstruck.

Should have a dedicated website up in a couple of weeks.

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