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Jul 26, 2000
I remember being in London in Tower I think when this was just released - it was a BIG little album, if you get me. Here's my first (2nd) impressions, based on memory:

1 - Human Behaviour - 4:12 No messin', way different to Suga-cubes, solid opening gambit
2 - Crying - 4:51 - memories of this are supressed, think it might have been ok
3 - Venus as a Boy - 4:42 - utter fucking shit
4 - There's More to Life Than This - the one in the jacks? cool idea. she was already bored of "club culture" just as I was getting in to it. Bjork was NEVER in any of the cubicles in the temple of sound and believe you me, I checked
5 - Like Someone in Love - 4:37 - don't remember this at all
6 - Big Time Sensuality - 3:56 - pretty shit but there was a redeeming Fluke remix with a different video
7 - One Day - fairly plodding, skippable
8 - Aeroplane - not a clue
9 - Come to Me - ya wha?
10 - Violently Happy - 4:59 - same as one above but I think the original was better than the remix? Green walls, probably a good video at the time?
11 - The Anchor Song - no memory but sounds like it might be terrible
12 - Atlantic - no idea
13 - Play Dead - 3:58 - Nope. Would put you right orf bjork but thankfully she had better stuff ahead.


Cornu Ammonis

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Feb 1, 2011
Björk is always someone who I feel like I should love but she's never fully won me over. I've heard a few of the later albums but never this one. It's a bit of a mixed bag for me, I think her vocals and her lyrics are pretty great throughout but the music really goes up and down throughout. It's a strong start with "Human Behaviour", I like the trip hoppy feel to it and the vocals are brilliant. However, "Crying" immediately turns me off, the music is fucking awful. It's got that rigid, music software from the 90s feel to it where loops are just locked into place and very little is done to make it fully gel.

Björk's back in my good books with "Venus as a Boy", again the lyrics are spot on and the mix of strange percussion and strings backing her is really nice. I like the effect of walking in and out of a party in "There's More to Life Than This" but the song itself doesn't do much for me (the little flute sound in the background is a bit annoying).

Most of the "dance" tracks I find a bit dull, only "Violently Happy" makes this style work. The tracks with a more jazzy focus are my favourites, "Aeroplane" is fantastic and "The Anchor Song" is even better. These are more of what I was expecting from Björk.

I'm glad "Play Dead" is tacked on at the end as it shows how strong she can be with a solid musical backing. It makes most of the rest of the album sound like a demo collection rather than a completed work.

Lots of people saying how this hasn't dated but even at its best, it sounds very early 90s to me. Not in a bad way (well, not always in a bad way) but to me it sounds like a product of the technology and style of the time. A song like "Big Time Sensuality" could only come from 1993.

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