Ballroom #73: Papier Tigre (France) (1 Viewer)


Uncle Alo
Mar 29, 2001
Ballroom #73:

Saturday 23rd of February
featuring Papier Tigre (France)
with LaFaro, Enemies & The Boom Jackson

The Lower Deck, Portobello Harbour, Dublin 8.

Papier Tigre


Papier Tigre are a 3 piece rock band from Nantes, France, comprising of Eric Pasquereau (guitar), Arthur de la Grandiere (guitar), and Pierre Antoine Parois (drums). Having played together in various other peoples’ projects over the years, they finally found the opportunity to form a band and pursue their own ideas in January 2006. The energy and dynamic amongst the three musicians was instant, and within the short space of a year enough material for a self-titled debut album “Papier Tigre” was completed.

In the absence of bass, Papier Tigre’s sound is built around pounding tribal drums that propel each song forward with ruthless efficiency. This urgency is underlined by the distinctive and insistent vocals of Eric Pasquereau, his strained yelps acting as a rallying cry to the guitars, which occupy the space between voice and drums and make it their own. Whether working together or against each other, the interplay between the two instruments is explosive. Brittle melodies seemingly scrap with vicious riffs, before the two suddenly come together to deliver the coup de grace. This is art punk, but at it’s most primal.

Like Pere Ubu and Gang Of Four before them, Papier Tigre understand that a song being intelligent and complex need not exclude it from having a raw, danceable energy. Their music firmly entrenched in the tradition of inventive, challenging punk - think Fugazi, Q and Not U, The Ex - yet whilst Papier Tigre have drawn influence from these bands, they have a style and delivery all of their own. The mode of communication is rooted firmly in the contemporary; rhythmically and vocally these songs recall the mutant, angular disco of Chinese Stars or even The Rapture or Liars.

Papier Tigre’s first record was released in February this year on Effervesence. Having toured widely in France and continental Europe, playing with such established acts as Battles (Warp), Radio4 (Interscope), Charlottefield (Fatcat) and I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness (Secretly Canadian), this will be their first time in the UK. Needless to say, they are looking forward to the occasion.

"Gripping their guitars and spitting their refrains, [Papier Tigre’s] album quickly recalls Fugazi and Gang of Four. This is the DIY punk ethic shimmering with scratched Afro-Beat rhythms, ricocheting off compositions that are always one step ahead of themselves … The songs of Papier Tigre are drunk on petrol fumes, yet carried by an earnest energy."
Trax Magazine



LAFARO use and endorse big loud amplifiers
LAFARO use and endorse thicker than average drumsticks
LAFARO have very little money
LAFARO have all had sex with each other
LAFARO are jonny, anna and alan, a belfast based ensemble, who have been writing, playing and touring the ROCK for just over two years now.



enemies started a few years back as a solo project by guitarist eoin whitfield called "new man eoin", he then in the summer of 2007 got three other musicians , lewis jackson(guitar), oisin mcmahon trench(drums) and mark o brien(bass). they became "enemies" and play relaxing hypnotic music together. they will be releasing theyre debut ep "alpha waves" in early march 2008.

The Boom Jackson

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