[Apr 24, 2015] Misha Freshin'... #2 :: DJ Mek w Savage Mantle and Misha... (The Bernard Shaw) (1 Viewer)

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Nov 26, 2010
Misha Freshin'...#2 is the second of our new monthly DJ/Beats/Hiphop night in The Bernard Shaw pub on South Richmond St., Dublin 2. Taking place on the last Friday of every month with no cover charge, Misha Freshin'... showcases Ireland's best DJs and Producers from the thick and murky underground.

Misha Freshin... #2 ft. DJ MEK + SAVAGE MANTLE + MISHA REZIDENTS will be booming into action on Friday April 24th from 8pm. Free admission.

The plan is simple; great music, dope beats, eclectic mix and Friday-evening-good-vibes out the wazoo.
Misha Freshin'... is run by a raggedy mob of music-crazed hoodlums.
DJ Mek bio; DJ Mek has been Djing for over 25 years, and is cited as being the pioneer and innovator of Hip Hop DJing in Ireland. His group Scary Eire were heralded as the one of the best Hip Hop groups of Europe by HHC, Tommy Boy, along with the like of Gunshot and London Posse. His production credits include Ian Brown, Suggs from Madness, Sweetie Irie, La Coka Nostra and Rodney P to name but a few.

As DJ and producer of Scary Eire, Mek and Co. were asked to sign for Mo' Wax in the mid 90's but declined the offer and went to Island. Dj Mek has shared the stage with Beastie Boys, U2, House of Pain, Kool Keith, and many more. Regarded by many as one of the most entertaining deejays to watch and listen, Mek will be ripping up the decks at Misha Freshin'!

Savage Mantle bio; Savage Mantle comes to you via the sprawling Metropolisses of Tralee, New York and Sunderland, but he started in Carlow, and that's why Savage is in his DJ name.
Misha Freshin'...
..... involves the love and enthusiasm of Kevin Blake (Electric Underground), Caroline Dalton (Skirmish Blog), Ray Wingnut (Money Launderer), Paul Macca (Pine For Your Loved Ones), Mairtínez The Mexican Bandit and Erica Bridgeman (Bodytonic).

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