Alpha Male Tea Party + Ealadha @ Fred Zeppelin's - July 29th (1 Viewer)


Oct 19, 2010


Liverpool math-rockers

plus Cork post-metallers

Wednesday July 29th - 9pm
Fred Zeppelin's, Parliament St - €5

Website: Alpha Male Tea Party

'Droids' album stream: Droids | Superstar Destroyer Records

Alpha Male Tea Party are a band from Liverpool, but spiritually, they're a band from just outside of Liverpool. Playing hard-hitting math-inflected hyphenated-genre experimental rock, they take themselves exactly as seriously as they deserve, and they've been musically compared variously to bands like Brontide and And So I Watch You From Afar.

Since self-releasing their debut album AMTP in 2012 they've played with most of their heroes, toured the UK with the likes of Axes, Cleft and Vasquez and released the "additive-induced technicolour rampage" (Metal Hammer) Real Ale and Model Rail: The Lonely Man's Guide to Not Committing Suicide EP on Superstar Destroyer Records. Their second album, Droids is out now.

"tear-jerkingly beautiful... furious, and all in all, it's pure, 18-carat fun. Fun is never a bad thing, right?" - 8/10: Rocksound

"Describing Alpha Male Tea Party is something of a challenge, so let's settle on 'predominantly instrumental, utterly exhilarating heavy rock.'" - Total Guitar

"For all the techy terms there’s nothing clinical about their sound – they’re belting hell out of their instruments" - Metal Hammer

"their rewardingly complex racket jumps from awe-inspiring metallic proficiency to jagged post-punk gnarl; from brain-crushing heaviosity to wordless, jaw-to-the-floor anthems." - 4/5: The Skinny

"Here's a band that would surely never join any party that would have them as members... A scouse Mars Volta? Why, we wouldn't dare try to categorize them in such simplistic terms." - Prog Magazine

"it doesn’t get any better than this." - Musical Mathematics

"Sounding like At The Drive-In during a sugar rush, AMTP’s songs all hold a sense of delirious joy in the chaos being created... The jerky math-rock riffs are enjoyable, but it’s the combination of this chaos with moments of sheer bliss that bring depth and richness to the mix." - Now Then

"This is an easy recommendation to make; you need Alpha Male Tea Party’s Droids in your life. This a wonderfully unique and riff-laden record that is loaded with catchy melodies." - 9/10: UKScumScene

"The band specialize in frantic, complex tunes that change more times than is healthy and keep you guessing what is coming next." - 7/10: Powerplay Magazine

"‘Droids’ is one gut-busting plat de resistance; a near-perfect, and balanced, serving of the post-rock food pyramid." - 4.5/5: Already Heard

"upbeat and life affirming... the riffs are superb; you can feel the emotion and passion that goes into each one." - 9/10: Alt Dialogue

"Bang! Hark! There’s hammering, second degree burns and confetti, lots of confetti! Is this the rapture before me?! Probably!" - Fecking Bahamas

"darker elements represent the frustration of being a ‘droid’ and being part of mundane everyday activities. But overall it's a really powerful and uplifting record, going against that idea and celebrating ambition and wanting to be apart of something bigger." - 4.5/5: No Brainer

"odd yet impossibly catchy... this is a beast of an album. The interaction of the three members is a joy to behold." - Monster Sound Collective

"Blazing through their new album Droids, Alpha Male Tea Party prove themselves a tri-force of prog-riffing bastards." - One Beat

"I just love these guys. I love them. They make everything better. Whatever ails you, you can guarantee they'll blast it out of your head at twelvety bajillion miles an hour." - The General

"Packed with riffs, hooks and a degree of fun which is rarely expressed so sincerely, Droids hits hard and leaves a smile on your face." - 4/5: Bearded Gentlemen

"With Droids Alpha Male Tea Party have combined lightning quick, bone crunching riffs, exhilarating outro’s and atmospheric chords. After each listen there is another layer to discover" - Sloucher

"I was lucky enough to get my hands on said-album a couple of weeks back, and every moment I’ve spent since then listening to anything else has felt like a genuine waste of my dwindling capacity to hear." - Already Heard, 5 Must Hear in June
Tomorrow night! Cheap-in with this flyer. Save it to your phone/device and show it to us at the door!


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