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    what night for Xbox live gayness?

    You're all dead to me now....seriously though hope the ps4s are going well. I stuck with the xbox. 64 man bf4 servers are great but apart from that its all a bit dull...
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    The Walking Dead Series 3

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    Alphabeast App

    nice mention on boingboing
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    CAn you get games from STEAM in Ireland?

    New Humble Indie Bundle is good. 12 games and their soundtracks for $5.21 , you can claim your steam key for the games from the website
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    I cant even tell what is main story anymore....I unknowingly completed one main quest there the other day. Back to Karkand is taking up all my playing time since it came out.
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    Is there ever going to be an (untethered) ios5 jailbreak?

    io5 slowed my ipod to a crawl. its like i have gone backwards....
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    Is there ever going to be an (untethered) ios5 jailbreak? no sign of it being released just yet though
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    Getting a Cover for a Kindle

    i know currys sell them but they tend to be expensive. I picked one up on which has free delivery. Or if you sort a search by release date on you will get the covers for the new kindle
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    XBox 360

    Oh yeah!
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    ITV "Secret IRA Terrorism Footage" is actually just video game footage
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    XBox 360

    Battlefield3 open beta Sept 29th
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    Gears Of War 3

    I reckon so, as long as amazon send me my copy by then.
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    Gears Of War 3

    Realised that I never finished GOW1 so playing through that now.
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    c25k app will also track the cool running program. lets you know when to change from run/walk etc