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  • deadly. I'm jealous! I need a holiday. I mean really, really need one. a lot. anyway, hope it stays awesome there; a good mate of mine just moved to oz a couple of weeks ago. bastard :) a neat thing about living on another hemisphere is that it must be pretty cool to have two summers in one y... oh wait, make that one, because irish summers are shit. all the more reason to enjoy being away!
    I'm thinking of getting myself one of those amazing hats, I could actually smuggle a great deal of interesting things in one!I once saw East 17 live btw!very interesting indeed
    oh boo-urns. don't let the bastards get you down! listen to some duran duran and have a party all by yourself! preferably with a couple of buidéals of wine....that's what my sunday is gonna be anyway...i left my trousers at a party last night (make of that what you will)
    You arne bad gir. Four friends is worse than no friends. Way worse. I hope you break your stomach.
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