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    Re: Antichrist-Lars Von Tier Didnt mean to horn in on the topic, sorry kenosha (cozy, not buzzo, on her laptop)
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    Willy Clancy School

    I went to the school a couple of years in a row and it was awesome. Last year, I got to spend a week listening to Martin Hayes play and talk every day in a little classroom. If you're mad into getting pissed up and staying up til the bould hours then you'd have to do your classes waistoid...
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    Living in Melbourne

    Northcote is totes mayzin! Breakfast Club on Georges Road has the best coffee in melbin. There's a gym where you can rock in any time to any class for 5 bucks. There's a greek shop where you can buy vegan feta. It's ALL happening here. The cycling with no hands thing- a few of my mates do it...
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    Living in Melbourne

    It's fucking FULL of hipsters is Fitzroy. I stayed there for a while. Now I'm in Northcote. I sometimes busk at Piedemontes in North Fitz though. Full of emos so it is.
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    New Big Business album. .|..|

    Tragedy. I was really excited about this, but that track from the new record sounds pretty shit. Here Come the Waterworks is one of my number one top ten most awesomest records evvurr.
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    Tv Licence

    Quite possibly me. I was the fuckin dope who opened the door to the nice man on a rainy evening last year. PAY IT oR DiE CoRMick
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    International Women's Day - 8th March

    This was totally awesome last year. I learned shit loads of stuff that apparently wasn't important enough to be taught in school. THis is what I said last year after the tour*: "the question of women and history is a very problematic question. When I started working on women's history about...
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    Your sis is there! It's supposed to be beautiful. Nah I'm still in Melbourne, but I *was* thinking of going up there before I head home, but as it turns out, Australia is too enormous for me to do everything i want so I may not get to go there, which is a shame. PS: I'm still alive. It was...
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    I think I'm gonna try crawl down from Broome to Perth come Winter time... any other West coast hints and recommends folks?
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    Thumped ladies and their user names

    Lambs are the epitome of ferocious masculinity. I'm sure I confuse people. 21-22 of the top 25 posters for the last day/week/month are men. I can't possibly imagine why women don't flock to this forum/stick around in their droves.
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    John Martyn RIP

    This is so so sad. RIP
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    I give you peace

    Most mass I went to was through Irish. Creidim in aon Dia amhain, an t-athair uile chumachtaigh, a rinne neamh agus tallamh agus an uile ni sofecithe agus dofeicithe, agus in aon Tiarna amhain, Iosa Chriost, Aonmhac de..... 7rl Rep for anyone who can tell me what popular, absurdly tiresome...
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    Ah jaysis, he's only massive Ro. Totally made me go 'squeee'. Congrats to the lot of yis, and special high-fives to the woman worked it.
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    Happy Birthday to Corey on 17th January 2009

    A belated HB, you grumpy prick. Hugz across the ocean. Happy birthday teenybrady too.
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    Making the Case for Sweatshops I'm not entirely sure what to make of this,but it seems a bit over-simplistic. Love to hear what someone who's more familiar with the issue has to say.