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    RIP Jim Daniels

    Poor Jimmy :-( So sad for his family and friends to lose such a lovely guy. Like sweetoblivion, I had met him a few times at gigs and on the street as well. Was a big follower of music on the radio as well. I know many presenters who looked forward to to his texts in.
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    New Manics single

    I've never regretted going to a Manics gig.....
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    The European Leagues 2013-14 Thread

    Will we start a new thread for this season? @washingcattle
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    Sexism, god help us

    I'll draft up the reply to Malachy today. We'll review tomorrow, as a group, and I'll send it in.
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    Sexism, god help us

    Man up @nooly stop acting like a woman
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    Sexism, god help us

    We did @mark , @Squiggle turned up and highlighted that , as a woman who has played sports, descrimination blatently exists. But her points were generally ignored and pushed to the side by the guys.
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    Sexism, god help us

    There must be a reason why they didn't start out as the one sport with the same rules under the same association?
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    Sexism, god help us

    Seems a bit weird to call the same sport something different for different genders, doesnt it?
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    Tour de France 2007 thread

    Lads, why did Wiggins not make the grade this year...and Froome crash out of TdF so early... Another lad crashed out too? Were the reasons genuine, or are they trying to avoid being in the public eye?
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    Judas Priest

    Can't get over the lack of love for Painkiller! Tough audience!
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    New Manics single

    Yep, it's good! The worse songs are the ones they released before hand, Walk me to the Bridge and Europa. Song 8 is fantastic.
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    Judas Priest

    Digging this up to say that I'm listening to a lot of Defenders of the Faith and Painkiller.
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    50 Incredibly Tough Albums For Extreme Listeners

    That Diamanda Galas one is completely unlistenable and really unsettling.
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    Album Of The Year 2013

    Nice art. Shockingly boring album.