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2007 Page Views:9,852,984 

2007 Visits:   821,883* 
 Ireland603,058 73.38%
 UK 86,23610.49%
 USA44,284 5.39%

* 217,843 absolute unique visits

May 08 Page Views:   718,865 
 Ireland 591,89382.34%
 UK 67,512 9.39%
 USA16,479 2.29%
 Germany12,664 1.76%
 Canada1,619 0.23%

May 08 Visits:   86,457* 
 Ireland61,146 70.72%
 UK 9,41610.89%
 USA6,412 7.39%
 Germany1,333 1.54%
 Canada861 1%

* 32,418 absolute unique visits

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