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Looking for info on old Irish goth bands and clubs

Discussion in 'General' started by aurnia, Apr 14, 2005.

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  1. aurnia

    aurnia New Member

    Hi all

    I was recommended to post here. I'm researching about old Irish goth bands (North and South of the Border) that gigged, demo'd etc during the 80's to the 90's, though era is not specific.

    I'm a dj for Dominion goth club http://dominion.gothic.ie/ but also an "old farter", ie over 30!

    Anyhow I'm on an email list iegoth http://groups.yahoo.com/group/iegoth/ and a thread came up about old bands. Now I tried to research way back in '99 and again in '01 but only got so far which wasn't too far at the time due to the lack of knowledge available.

    So I'm hoping that there's a few other old farters out there that can help. Looking for anything on old bands, such as The Flesh Temple, Bouquet of Blue Roses, Stigmata Martyr which are bands I was just told about but have no info on. I'm also iffy on the details of House Of Byron.

    Any help would be great. Plus if there's bands that I haven't mentioned, that would be brill too. I know the usual suspects, is VPrunes and it's off shoots, This Burning Effigy etc..

    Pics also of bands, flyers of gigs, flyers of clubs is also appreciated, as is info from said clubs. I only went to the Grove, Olympic and Fetish and then organised my own clubs in McGonagles - the 2nd of which was the first Badlands.

    The ulimate goal of this will be to develop a website to the forgotten goth of yore and then link it to the today stuff.

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  2. Eddie Gorilla

    Eddie Gorilla New Member

  3. chutneyfarmer

    chutneyfarmer Well-Known Member

  4. Eddie Gorilla

    Eddie Gorilla New Member

    I personally quite like my piece about the infernal sandwich.
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  5. RSJ

    RSJ Well-Known Member

    Hahah, that's brilliant.
  6. Napalm

    Napalm New Member

    I seen my bloody valantine in the clarendon if thats any use to ya..
  7. Anthony

    Anthony Well-Known Member

    Clubs: Fusion in the 13th Floor on O'Connell Street was a bit Gothy. I think there was a pure goth club there as well though. Maybe called The Temple.
  8. Napalm

    Napalm New Member

    Talk to DIETRICH BLITZER from Velvetron, he was in Stigmata Martyr

  9. RED(tape)MENACE

    RED(tape)MENACE Well-Known Member

    I think you're exactly right there, terence.
    Why not talk to that Goth guy who's had the same haircut for 12 years (shaved sides, long at the back) that was actually born in Fibbers. He'd probably know a thing or two about a thing or two.
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  10. Unclealo

    Unclealo Uncle Alo

    That goth club in Fraziers was called the Tower.
  11. Thayl

    Thayl Active Member

    That guy!!! Me and my fellow Fibber going posse just to call him "the King Goth" when we went to Fibbers, back in 1996. And he's had the same haircut and clothes ever since, I saw him walking down Dame St. two Saturdays ago! I binned my purple combats years ago......
  12. avernus

    avernus Well-Known Member

    that guy with the black contacts? he's largely terrifying looking.
  13. billygannon

    billygannon Well-Known Member Contributor

    That'd be Jason. Squack's best mate goes out with him. He's a pretty successful graphic designer/software-type thingymejig. He may know stuff about old Goth clubs, but probably not the best to talk to about it.
    Dominion folk are the best option I suppose.

    Or you could summon up Satan or one of his legion of devils. They could have some idea.
  14. billygannon

    billygannon Well-Known Member Contributor

    Oh! He's not that scary. He is when armed to the teeth with machetes and maces and balls'n'chains, but generally he's into playing the Playstation, listening to music and the card-game, Canasta.
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  15. avernus

    avernus Well-Known Member

    ya I know, but when I was 16 going to fibbers he tweaked me out. it was the black eyes, you see. but yeah some friends of mine know him and say he's lovely.
  16. tommytrousers

    tommytrousers Well-Known Member

    There was a band around 86-88 called Guernica that featured a guy who is a well known comedian now but who's name escapes me right now.
    Ther was The Garden Hasn't Changed Much;a bunch o' lily livered southsiders aroundat that time too.

    Not forgetting the one, the only, the magnificent...CACTUS WORLD NEWS!!!!
  17. karljacuncha

    karljacuncha New Member

    joe rooney, isn't it? aka "father damo"
  18. ConorDeasy

    ConorDeasy New Member

    joe rooney's great
  19. crumb

    crumb New Member

    There also was:
    The Summer House- (they had a track on a comet compilation) and
    Tower of Bable-(featuring Paul Lacey sound engineer)
    Guernica -were more like early New Order, they were great but definitely not a goth band check out deep sea diving
    Cold- semi goth played Joy Division covers

    That's all I can think of for now.
  20. magnetize

    magnetize Well-Known Member

    tower of babel are the only one i knew of, in the late 80s
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